Two Stars for Pallookaville, One for Zeal; A Look at The Porter

Corndog at Pallookaville [Atlanta]
This week in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Jenny Turknett visits Zeal in East Cobb, giving it one star. Behind the paywall, she writes that while she might find herself in “one of the comfy chairs in the lounge or perched on a patio bench with friends” if in the area, the restaurant won’t “save me from making the 35-45 minute drive into town.” Disappointed it isn’t fried, the critic finds the crispy kale salad to be a “workout for your jaw.” She also notes that it suffers from the addition of too much sugar, an ailment from which the French onion soup and pork tenderlion also suffer. Her favorite dish is the cornmeal dusted zucchini, and she also approves of the Georgia trout and craft beer selection at this “inviting community hangout.”

In an online-only reviewBill Addison of Atlanta Magazine awards Pallookaville two stars. He calls the food “fun, calories-be-damned Americana with the occasional wacky twist,” and he recommends ordering the carnival-esque over the “straight-laced” items. For example, he calls the corndog a “corndog for grownups” and a “masterpiece of its genre” and suggests ordering the loaded, or “garbaged,” fries over burgers and salads. When it comes to milkshakes, the critic notes that while you can try the “bizarro” Sriracha milkshake, he prefers vanilla malt- but with “a vigorous glug of Basil Hayden bourbon.”

Cliff Bostock of Creative Loafing also praises Pallookaville’s corndog, and Burgers Barbeque and Everything Else takes a look at Star Provisions 2 Go. Meanwhile, Review Atlanta visits The Porter Beer Bar, and Marie, Let’s Eat! gets Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams to split her double scoop into two cups.

All week in reviews coverage [-EATL-]

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